Marion Drysdale Award

Senior student Aillen Rendal has been chosen to represent the school for our visual arts submission to the Marion Drysdale Award. The theme of this year’s award was “Ahead by a Century.” Students were encouraged to design paintings challenging the notion of technology as the only vision of progress.

Students worked for several days with contemporary watercolourist Tristram Lansdowne to develop their skills in watercolour painting prior to beginning the project.

Aillen’s work pays tribute to the missing and murdered Indiginous women, and the silencing of Indiginous peoples in their fight for the preservation of the environment and their culture.


The decision to choose Aillen’s work was a difficult one.  The close runner-up was Shiane Slack-Phillip’s work. Here, she challenges the “audacity” of the United States for claiming the moon with their flag. Her alternate world superpower chooses a flag of inclusion and acceptance.

Butter Sculpting at the Royal

We are so proud of CTS Sculpture major Katie Luu for her skilled entry to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair student butter sculpting competition. Katie completed this sculpture over the course of two days. Katie is in grade 12 and intends to attend OCADU for sculpture next year. Nice work Katie!

Walk this way

What an exciting way to start the year!

Last year, students from our grade 11 and 12 specialist art program worked with instructors Ulf Bein and Trish Boon as well as professional artist Jessica Thalman,  to create a large scale digital mural. The project exemplified the use of global competencies in our art program. Students worked collaboratively to create visions of a sustainable future and combined traditional art skills with the use of technology. The mural is currently on display on Bloor, just west of Bathurst.

DSC_0163_sm (1) DSC_0166_sm