The Adult Program

There is no better time than now to pursue your dream of practicing art full time! The Adult Art Program at the Central Tech Art Centre is the only publicly funded program of its kind in the Toronto area. Our philosophy of art education is reminiscent of Germany’s legendary Bauhaus, where aspiring artists developed skills across all media, learning to produce various kinds of art concurrently rather than favouring one medium over another. This style of learning helps to develop a well rounded skill set and maximizes your creative growth. All of our instructors have a minimum of a BFA in their area of instruction and/or significant industry experience. All courses are supplemented with visiting artists to enhance the curriculum and create connections to the art world.


The program runs for the duration of the school year, from September to June, exclusive of TDSB holidays. (see for a full list of holidays). Currently, the program operates on a half-year (one semester), half-day schedule with classes scheduled in the mornings from 8:45-11:25 or afternoons 12:40-3:15. CTS is a semestered school. Within this format you will take 2 classes within your package. Students can currently sign up for one semester per year. Each of these classes will offer an “open studio” once per week to offer you self-directed supervised time in the studios and make up for any disruptions to schedule.


Registration is ongoing between November and early February and is first-come, first-served. We recommend registering prior to February in order to enrol in your package of choice. We will accept late registrations space permitting.

There are three packages from which to choose.

Pack 1: Printmaking and Drawing, semester 1, morning

Pack 2: Drawing/ Painting and Sculpture, semester 1, morning

Pack 3: Ceramics and Painting, semester 2, afternoon


Sculpture– Even if you think your passion lies in painting, there is no better way to study the human form than to study it from all angles. In this class you will practice additive and reductive methods of observational sculpture, primarily working from the human form. Students will work in a variety of media including the use of the lost wax method to create sculptures in bronze.


Drawing– It is said that one must learn to draw before she can paint. For this reason, students spend an entire semester learning fundamental drawing skills such as tone and value; form; linear perspective; anatomical proportion; and sight/size rendering.


Painting– Working in water soluble oil and/or acrylic, this class begins with colour theory and progresses to a comprehensive study of painting styles and techniques; and the development of a solid understanding of materials and their purpose. Students will practice portraiture and still- lives to prepare for more creative self-directed works.


Painting and drawing– In this overview of drawing and painting, students are reintroduced to fundamental concepts and techniques. The focus for this course is learning to “loosen up” into the realm of expressive and abstract styles. Previous painting and drawing experience is a useful asset.


Printmaking– A whirlwind tour of one a highly technical and varied art medium. Students are introduced to classical conventions and taught a variety of print methods including copper etching, lino/wood/relief printing, lithography (plate or stone), monoprint, collage/collagraph, silkscreen. Focus may shift depending on skill level and interest of students.


Ceramics– Learn a variety of construction techniques including hand-building and wheel-throwing as well as varied surface strategies such as use of glazes, underglazes, inlay, water etching, printmaking on ceramics and more.


The materials fee for the 2018/2019 is still to be released. It covers most of your supplies, though some small supplementary items will be required. Payment is accepted starting in late August and is due prior to your first day of class. Please note: no fees will be refunded after the last Friday in September.